Shipping Policy

ATTENTION: Kenney Seafood is NOT responsible for delays in Fedex Shipping whatsoever. Shipping is out of our control and any claims would need to be made with Fedex.
2-day Shipping orders placed after 10:00AM CST on 12/22/20, WILL NOT ship out until Monday 12/28/20. Overnight orders placed after 10:00AM CST on 12/23/20, WILL NOT ship out until Monday 12/28/20.

Here is a list of some of the questions we get asked a lot. If you don't find the answer here, feel free to give us a call at 985-643-2717.

Can we ship seafood?
Yes, any items that can be found in our store can be shipped overnight to your doorstep!

What sets us apart from everyone else?
We ship fresh seafood (when available which is most of the time) and never frozen. Your package arrives ice cold with seafood that likely has never been frozen! You'll be hard pressed to find anyone else that does that!

How long does it take?
We recommend all of our perishable packages be shipped Fedex Overnight. These packages will arrive the next day on your doorstep. However please remember that we cannot control the weather or mechanical issues that might delay your order at any time. Please allow for at least an extra day when selecting a ship on date. We over pack all our orders to stay cold and keep your fish fresh for at least 48 hours just in case there are any unforeseen shipping delays. Your fish is guaranteed to arrive fresh. All of our non-perishable are shipped 5-7 day ground unless otherwise selected.

When do I need to place my order?
All orders placed Monday through Wednesday before 11:30 AM CST, will ship out that day. Any orders that are placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, will not ship out until the following Monday. 2-day shipping orders placed on Wednesdays after 11:00 AM CST may not ship out until the following Monday. Overnight orders placed on Thursdays after 11:00 AM CST may not ship until the following Monday.

Do you freeze the fish before you ship it?
We do not freeze the fish before we ship it. If it is fresh fish that you ordered than you will receive fresh fish in your package. If you ordered items that are previously frozen then they may arrive frozen or thawed.

How long will the fish last after I receive it?
When you receive your package open it up and take a look at the fish. Decide what you are going to eat in the next couple days and put it in the refrigerator. Everything you are not going to eat, you should freeze. You should not refreeze items that have defrosted.

Inclement Weather*
Each shipping company currently has an "Act Of God" clause for any delays due to weather and all shipping orders are still billed at full price. Once an order is shipped from our location, as agreed, we can not be responsible for your order should the shipping company not deliver it as scheduled. It is the customer's responsibility to take into account the weather forecasts for their local destination area as well as the delivery path from our Slidell, LA location to their destination and make their purchases accordingly.